Just Announced

We here at ACCA DACCA are wrapped to announce As from January 11th , we will be adding a new member to the ACCA DACCA TEAM!!!

Mr Andre Lemberg will now be filling the shoes of Brian , Leaving Larry to concentrate his energies solely on the Bon Scott material.

Being that The AC DC Story goes for a duration of 3 hours plus Larry was keen to get another vocalist in to do the Brian part however it was extremely hard to find someone with the vocal power and presence to deliver the quality this world premier show requires. After searching nationally and internationally for some time”ANDRE” was the obvious choice. So now ACCA DACCA & The AC DC Story have the two SEPERATE Characters making this unique show even more spectacular.

Don’t miss ACCA DACCA in 2020 you will be THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

Hi Fellow ACCA DACCA Fans!!!
It is to our great pleasure to announce that from this moment Carl and the boys from JABBA Entertainment will be booking for ACCA DACCA. And YES that does mean more Brisbane gigs!!! So keep an eye out on our website giguid and FB events for updates and yes The AC DC Story will also be doing selected Theatres round Australia.

Coming soon

JUST ANNOUNCED The Australian AC DC Story will be Touring across the USA August through to September 2020!!!
Our good friends from TSE Entertainment Texas will be taking the reins for what is to be an explosive and extensive tour,
Stay tuned for dates and venues and get your tickets early.
If your a bigger venue and wish to ad yours to the already growing list , feel free to contact the team at TSE
Get ready for the Aussie invasion America cause The Australian AC DC Story are on our way!!