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Welcome to The ACCA DACCA & The AC DC Story Site


OK I wanna tell ya a story!
You’ve seen all the claims , The ULTIMATE , The BIGGEST , Australia’s # 1 and so on.
Well we’re here to tell you “YOU AINT SEEN NOTHIN”  unless you’ve seen ACCA DACCA
ACCA DACCA Is AC DC Reincarnated!! Not a tribute not a cover band this is a full blown SHOW , Cannon’s, Bells Bagpipes Bon and Brian.
What will you take home from a night with ACCA DACCA? ??
Just the feeling , no the memory that you’ve just witnessed  AC DC Not only at present but the AC DC of the Bon Scott era as well.


ACCA/DACCA replicate with precision not only the hard rock music of AC/DC note for note but front man Larry caps the show off with passionate vocals that you would mistake for Bon Scott himself. Switching to Brian Johnson isn't a problem for this seasoned performer as he belts out classics from the "BACK IN BLACK" album to "ROCK OR BUST" ". Brian would be proud to hear himself replicated with such precision and passion.

The ACCA/DACCA show is performed with a mega 25,000 watts of sound and a huge lighting rig plus special effects which make ACCA/DACCA look and MOST importantly sound like AC/DC themselves




To quote Attard himself..
"No one can play AC/DC songs like they themselves can, but ACCA/DACCA come DAMN CLOSE"
The ACCA/DACCA show is a non-stop 2 hour 15 minute unforgettable AC/DC experience . 

So all you ACDC hard rock lovin' fans check out the gig guide to see when ACCA/DACCA are playing near you next ! These boys have got a show that tours Australia & the world so if you love your music loud and proud come on along to a show.. the boys will love to see you there and show ya a good time!

A BIG thank you message...
Before we go any further ACCA/DACCA would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts the 3 decades of music that AC/DC themselves have brought to the world of rock. All of us in the band have been the biggest admirers of all AC/DC's achievements.
ACCA/DACCA are a 'conceptual' act that we try to replicate with the utmost respect the music and stage show that have/has been written and performed by Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcom Young, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd and Brian Johnson over the last 30+ years...and for this we thank them humbly and graciously.
We hope you enjoy our site we have everything here you need to know about the greatest tribute show on earth to AC/DC which is ACCA/DACCA. We have photos, mp3s, and video. If you have seen us play and would like to drop us an email please do as we love to hear from our fans. If you wish to contact us for possible hiring visit our Contacts page for details.
Face Book link www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Accadacca/185526014815673