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If you were at any of our shows feel free to email us in some of your highlights of the show. We would love to hear them - accadaccarocks@hotmail.com
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We got mail




Gday you guys, you all did a great job the other night at the Keddy Wave. RSL. Thanks for the chat after the show Dave , it was nice to meet you. You fellas have closely observed AC/DC and have practiced hard to replicate one of my most favourite bands in the world. Larry and other mentors combined with your skill and endurance have created a winning team. Larry's vocals is so Bon Scott and he does it better than any else could,, even better than Brian Johnson, dare I say. Unfortunately I was never in a position to see Bon perform live at any show, however I do have an extensive collection of stuff by AC/DC. I enjoy watching the live concert on DVD's , playing Tapes, CD's cranked up , reading the books I have collected. I'm now 43 and was first introduced to the sounds of AC/DC in the mid 70's. I can remember my older brother belting out the sounds from the record player and watching Countdown - ah , the good old days. There were so many unreleased tracks by AC/DC which I think, are better than others released.. Eg ; carry me home - cold hearted men & back seat confidential. I have only been to 6 x AC/DC concerts over the years and now attended 2 x ACCA DACCA shows and my wife and I have enjoyed all shows/concerts. The highlight of a holiday in Perth in 2010 was to visit Bons plot and all memorials - a very proud moment for me was to get a photo standing on the Amp next to the statue of Bon. You guys of ACCA DACCA carry on the fire from AC/DC when the spark has gone from the old boys. Thanks - Ride On.

Jason Jay Airey


Great show in Ipswich last night. Love the fact you play such a wide selection of songs not just the obvious stuff. Keep on rockin see ya next time

Grahem Megginson


Thanks guys for a freakin AWSOME night loved the show. Marissa and I were happy to educate you guys in the way of cooling ones self down on the dance floor.
You guys where awesome in Innisfail, Jess and Larry job well done
loved every minute. after 13 years it was good to catch up finally..
Jess you are awesome every one is still talking about your amazing talent.


Had the best night Friday night at cazaleys use are awesome thanks for the guitar pic and the drum stick with ur signatures and photos come back to cairns soon


Luka Sokač

HI , last year you were in Ljubljana and I was there too and I just want to say that you are AWESOME. keep playing like that because you are very good. AND YOU DECIDED TO ROCK AND I SALUTE YOU!!



Excellent concert! You guys sounded amazing. We took our 14 year old Son and his mate along too. My Son has been to AC/DC when they were here and he was blown away by how good you sounded Cheers. Glad to read that Jesse is recouperating. What a trouper playing on. Shame the Ambulance took so long to get there for him.... Rock on guys!

Great concert last night luved it Jessie is true rock and roll hope youll be bouncing around real soon Angus would be proud

You guys were so amazing tonight !!!! I hope Jesse's knee heals well. Much love to you guys, your awesome !!!!!
Great show tonight. Shame Jesse did his knee so we couldn't see his performance but that kid can play!! The crowd loved it and all were left impressed. Cheers guys.
Seriously impressed that the show went on HUGE thumbs up to Jess for playing after dislocating his knee ...


All the best 2 Jessie, still rockn our Auckland show despite dislocating his knee!! Ur an awsum guitarist m8, get well soon ACCA DACCA rulz!
Wicked Palmy show last night!! I wish more people had got up and rocked out with me, ha. You guys we're amazing. See you next time for sure. (:



Hi, awesome show last night in Takapuna, big ups to Jesse for playing the whole show, sorry that ambulance took so long to get there... Hope he pulls through ok..
thanks again guys

Jesse Dislocated his knee during the show in Auckland, Ambos came put it back in and he played the show sitting on a chair with a really swollen knee






Thanks for the awesome night in Mt Gambier and an even bigger thank you for making my birthday one to remember!
Have a good one guys! Can't wait to see you lot again

Tabatha Scott



OMG you guys are awesome, the show you put on last night in Mount Gambier was un friggen believable. You guys ROCK . Cant wait for yas all to come back again .

Alica Jane



Great band, great people, had the best night at Southport x

Karen Bell



Great Gig at the Silky guys. Thank you. We had a great night and the jokes at the after party were awesome

Al Fry



Fantastic show at Gympie pavillion last night. Love you guys

Michelle Nicoll



OMG still buzzin off the show ! Wow what a tribute band ! The Best ACDC tribute band I've seen. Amazing drummer, what a little rocker who certainly ran the show ! Sexyiest bass player EVA !! Lead singer WOW WOW WOW ! Lead Guitarist, well he knows how good he is lol ! All round fab show, thanks guys !

Jasmin Starr



great concert guys, mum came home with no voice as i suspected. ahahaha she is so happy and told me that use were better then ac/dc.

Flattering but cant agree with that





Great show tonite guys!!! Thanks heaps for the ringing ears!! The young fella on drums is awesome..well done you're a star!!




Mansfield rocked last nite thanks for an awesome nite and huge thaqnk you for tickets sent we love yas





went to the Mansfield lastnight, u guys fkn rocked, I'm still half deaf :D rock the fuck on !!!!




What an awesome night at Mansfield Tavern. Thank you for such a fantastic show. All the best for overseas...knock their bloody socks off guys. Will we get to see any of the footage from the night on here? Loved the cannons!!!! Woohoo xx





Dear Larry and Band,
My name is Troy Corones and have been an avid fan of AC/DC since the mid 80's since I was old enough to recognize what is essentially the best damn Rock n Roll band in the world bar none! I was born and raised in Gladstone QLD and was attending a Brisbane boarding school in 1989 where I was exposed to two brothers who played guitar and were manic AC/DC fans. Between chasing the girls at school and around the boarding school grounds and listening to the Wood brothers play songs such as " Its a long way to the top " " TNT" " Let there be Rock" and "Livewire" I was sold. I began to buy their albums in cassette form then cd. I have been fortunate enough to see AC/DC play in Brisbane on three occasions in 1996, 2001 and 2010 and was spellbound by every show. There are not enough appropriate adjectives that can describe AC/DC as a band and what they have achieved since 1973.
I only found out about Acca/Dacca at the end of last year and was keen to see a show. A few mates and myself heard you were playing at the casino in Brisbane on Australia Day and thought what better way to celebrate than to see you blokes play. I was gobsmacked at how good the show was and was rapt with " Snake " as the support band. Since then I have grabbed as many mates as I can and have watched you play at the Elephant and Wheelbarow and recently at the Moreton Bay Sports Club at Tingalpa. The mates and I were once again blown away at how good the shows were! The energy and passion is just bloody awesome and as one of my mates put it " If you close your eyes you would swear it was Bon singing. " I will be supporting you blokes as long as you keep playing, and personally I would pay more to see you at some of the venues you play and feel a tad guilty for not paying to see you belt out a great show for over two hours! So a big thankyou to the band for what they do and I hope it continues for many years to come, I am looking to grab the mates and get down to the Runaway Bay Hotel in June to catch another show. To you the band, all I can say is Acca/Dacca we salute you!
Kind regards
Troy Corones.






Isac Stewart



Great concert on saturday night. Going back to see them again at the redcliiffe rsl in brisbane in may.




Hi Larry,,,

I have never been fortunate enough to get to see ACDC live and sadly missed out on tickets last year. This was the music of my youth and I have always been a huge ACDC fan.

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your show at the Racehorse Hotel on Saturday night, it was Awesome. It was good to see so many of my generation packed in the room enjoying the sounds and the visuals of ACDC through ACCADACCA. The atmosphere at ground level was amazing, yeah we were all drunk, but the experience at ground zero with people gyrating singing along was just fantastic.

My personal thanks for a great night out. Look forward to your return to Ipswich and I for one will be in the crowd again.

Really sincerely hope the International things take off for you just remember us in Ipswich and come back every now and then.






We were so happy with how the night turned out. I’ve had heaps of feedback on how good a time everyone had. By Sunday afternoon it pissed down rain so we were lucky. You guys put on a top show, even a few hardened critics (like myself) who have been in bands for years thought we would find something to pick on but no way it really was one of the best night’s we have ever had and a credit to you guys and your show (and good old AC/DC of course!). I’m glad you were happy with Simsy’s production, I’ve known him for years and he really is one of the best around. To put 600 bikers together and a few different patch clubs there as well and have not one hint of trouble speaks volumes, Great setup, Good food, Heaps of Grog and a Red Hot Rockin Band is all that is needed. Nuff Said!.


There is some really good photos on our web, www.leetonmotorcycleclub.com of you guys so you better have a look. I’m sure we will cross paths again, no doubt we will keep an eye on where you are playing down the track. QLD aint that far away and a road trip on the bikes is always on the cards!


All the Best and Cheers!

Phil Meline 

Leeton Motorcycle Club




Hey Guys,

Loved the show the other night. I have seen AC/DC live 4 times now after being a fan all my life, started when i saw the boys live at the Kilcoy Hotel when i was in primary school. I have seen many Tribute Bands, High Voltage, highway to hell, Back in black, Dirty Deeds to name a few. You all have your positives (and a few negatives) but i think you are the best all round ac/dc tribute band that i have seen and heard. Your Lead Guitarist was fantastic playing to the crowd, short of walking through the crowd, he absolutely nailed it. I will see you again at the cooli on Anzac Day with a lot more fans who i know will come when i tell them about you.

See you then, can’t wait.



Hi Guys


We went to see you perform at DAISEY’S last night….you were brilliant!! I have been a fan of AC/DC since the early 70’s and I have seen many cover bands perform their stuff……..nothing has come as close as what you guys put together last night!!!


I spoke with your drummer and with ‘Angus’ last night after the show…..you have got to get your ‘promotions person’ to get some marketing happening!!! It was such a shame to see so few people at the venue last night! That room should have been ‘bursting’ at the seams.


My brother is based in Brisbane and he called me to recommend I go and watch your performance. I have never been to Daisey’s Ringwood and we only went along very ‘last minute’. So glad we went….we had a ball!


Melbourne love their live music….we have some great pubs and clubs. Don’t be disheartened by the lack of numbers…..its just that nobody knows who you are or how amazing your show is. Come back again and get some ‘real’ marketing in place beforehand.


Good luck and thanks for last night…we thought you guys were awesome!




Suzi Juracic

Hi Suzi

Thank you for this email and yes we will be back to Melbourne, unfortunatly you cant win em all and yes your right we are at the mercy of the marketing team,

All our best and we will see you soon.




I have been to your show twice at the Capalaba Tavern in QLD, and it absolutely rocks, and might I add have been 2 of the best nights of my life… I have since moved to Sydney and was wondering why you are not booking any shows closer to Sydney then Maitland which is over 2 hours drive?


Don’t get me wrong I will be booking somewhere to stay so I can take all my new friends to show them your great show, I just thought with your talent I was sure you would come to bigger venues closer to the big smoke?


Hope you change your mind in the future, I’m sure you would have a huge turn out!!!!




Hi Kate

Thanks for your email, yes we are doing Sydney October 15th @ Hotel Parramatta in the night club, Always keep an eye on the gig guide we are now regularly doing Sydney Gigs and also Melbourne in November.
Cheers  Larry



22nd May 2010

I just wanted to send you guys an e-mail and let you all know what an awesome night I had watching you at Redcliffe RSL. I was with a group of friends and we all had an unreal time. Absolutely brilliant. I was right down at the stage waving to I think it was Mike Bristow. You all paid special attention to your fans and made the night extra special. Hopefully I will make it to your Kallangur or Albany Creek gigs. My ears were majorly sore the next day but well worth it. Keep up the great work guys! YOU ROCK! 
Kind regards,


2nd March 2010

How's it going,Larry?
I was looking through the AC /DC pics on the MMM website and found this one for you. A great bit of PR work for Acca Dacca I reckon :-)
Yes we were there and also at Runaway Bay Tavern for a while on Friday night, the later start threw us a little bit and we had to leave early. I'm sorry to hear that DJ is moving on but Daniel should settle in without too much trouble. We love the new Angus - he really looks the part. As you said to everyone on Friday night Snake definitely would have been the ideal support act for AC/DC.  
Can't wait to see you guys in June at Brothers Leagues Club in Cairns or maybe the Silkwood Hotel.
See you soon.

John Noack  


17 Feb 2010

You were amazing! What a great tight sound and such great showmanship. i was disappointed you didn't play "long way to the top" but understand your reasons after reviewing your site. Ive been raving to friends in Brisbane how good you are but i can't see any brisbane dates for you on the southside. when are you next playing on the southside?



14 Feb 2010

guys you were FANTASTIC last night (13/2/10) i was the kid that was banging his 
head around in the white shirt and sitting down lol but anyways the guy
 that played angus was alsweome
 including all of u and and btw thx for the best time of my life before the real thing.


14 Feb 2010

OMG...i was at your gig on saturday night at the Greenbank RSL and you guys were freakin AWESOME!!!!! Well done! I cant wait for your gig at the Logan Diggers Club on the 14th May! Thank you for letting me have photos with you all! 
P.S.  Your drummer is HOT and very sweet :) 
Take care, your fan
Teressa xo


14 Feb 2010

Hey Guys
                                          I just got home from the gig you did tonight at Greenbank rsl it was fucking AWESOME i had the best time while you guys are performing Bon Scott will never be dead it was such a great night and you guys sound and play and party just like the real acdc you kept the crowd happy and bopping
  To be totally honest i wouldnt pay to go see a acdc concert after i seen you guys please dont stop your preforming and keep Bon Scott alive thank you for a great night 



16 Feb 2010


Hey Guys!!!

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say you rocked at the Greenbank, 
you were all awesome!!!

We saw you warm up and that got us pumped for the show!!! And the way 
you interact with the crowd was well aewesome!!

And the similarities to ACDC were phenomenal, especially Larry you 
sound awesome!!!

Can't wait for your stanthorpe show, hope you can find a bag pipes 
player for that show!!!


Sent from my iPhone


13 July 2009

Hey guys!
I was at your Underwood show on the weekend and its was frikken

My partner and I loved everybit of it!!!
and I would deffinately recommend you guys to everyone! and come and see you
all again!
your impersonation of Angus Young was AMAZING!! and the Drummer was
inspirational! Just every little bit of the show and everyone of you guys

thanks you so much for a GREAT show!

Kind Regards,
Rachel Locking

Thank You!! Rachel




8 July 2009

Just writing to let the boys know how much the entire crowd enjoyed Saturday nights show at the Sporties Club. My wife who is not a fan of hard rock even had a good time. The best part was watching 50 year olds letting their hair down and embarrassing their children who came for a look more out of curiosity than anything else. I’m sure I am not alone expressing my disappointment with the band choosing not to play LONG WAY TO THE TOP. I guess it may be a mark of respect to not play it. Some things in life belong to people who may not wish to share them. Anyway apart from that minor whinge we all loved the show and look forward  to the boys coming to Adelaide.


Kind Regards,

Steve Krieg


Hey Steve
Thank you for your email, and sorry you were dissapointed bout ""LONG WAY"The reason we dont always play this is the same reason AC DC themselves didn't always bring that one out on stage, that is a REAL bagpipe player or the lack of, ACCA DACCA make sure we deliver the goods every time so if we cant get a player to do the job exactly it wont be done at all.
A lot of bands do it with guitar or come up with a set of pipes then have a keybord playing behind,  cheesey!!
But on the odd ocasion we do find the odd local pipe player to do it for us and yes it goes off.
Anyway glad you had a great time Steve, and yes we will be touring through SA and WA next year. 
Cheers mate and again thank you for the letter.   Larry



We got mail

1 July, 2008

Saw your show in Ballina on Thu. night with a couple of mates, then backed up again at Casino on Fri.night with my daughter from Uki. We all absolutely enjoyed your shows, and hope you continue to perform for many more years to come. Both my daughter and I have been fortunate to have seen AC/DC at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on different occasions, and find your show a comparable experience-just great. Hope to see you come through Ballina again next year. My daughter said to mention that you are ALL great musicians- not just your drummer! We both purchased Snake CDs over the two nights, mine was used as a gee up for the trip over for the second show. Hope that scores us a few points. Thanks again for a great couple of nights.
Watto, Ballina Fan Born 1946 (trying to stave off codgerism)


We got mail

Sun, 22 Jun 2008

How you going guys I was at Arana Hills last night and had such an unbelievable good time one of the best nights of my life and I will always remember it. You guys are absolutely awesome. I mainly listen to ac/dc ever since I was young.Thanks guys for that beautiful music. I wish there were more gigs around brisbane but I can't wait for your next tour of brisbane. Thanks again Larry and the other guys, I loved it, it was so awesome.

Do you guys actually know the ac/dc legends.

Thanks, Don


We got mail!
hey Guys,
Have seen you at Summernats for last couple of years and wanted to let you know that i think you get better each time, Your performance this year was so high energy and thrilling to watch, one of my close friends was in tears because you bought back memories of when she went to the ACDC concert, so i just thought id let you know you do an awesome job and i hope to see you again at the next summernats in Canberra.
Also we noticed you had new Guitarists, they were great and very into it, awesome show they bring a lot of youth and Energy to the show. Not that the oldies were bad but the show is getting better so it must be positive.
Nice Work This Year.
 Dan Borrett (ACT

Thanks Dan & yes this line up is a killer!! We Came, We Rocked, We Kicked Canberra's Arse



Your show in Port Macquarie (Panthers) last night ,13th, "rocked".

We saw the "best" tribute to Bon Scott,& AC/DC that we could have wished for.
Keep the legend going for a long time,& come back to "Port" soon.

Regards  Vic.           Play loud & long.

Thanks Vic we had a ball as well and yes you will see us at Panthers later this year.




Saw your show at Atherton 4th November-AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

As you proudly said "we are the next best thing to AC/DC themselves", how right you were. The music was simply incredible, not one note was out of step with the original in any way. If Bon Scott was still alive today he would be proud of all of you.

Should the real AC/DC ever have to cancel a show(god forbid) Acca/Dacca would be the perfect stand-in for them.

Carlo Barletta, the publican of the Atherton Hotel said you'll be coming back in the future and so will we.

Acca/Dacca is definitely not just nother bunch of musos doing covers but a genuine tribute to AC/DC, one of the pioneers of Australian rock that showed the rest of the world how it's done.

Keep up the great work.

John and Marisa Noack 

Thanks John & Marisa, getting this type of mail makes all those grueling hours on the road worth it & yes we will certainly be back 2007


hey boys,
Just seen you guys at shellharbour workers! Awesome show! When people say tribute bands you think" yeah they should be ok.. sound similar to the real thing" you guys sound exactly like the real thing, it would be hard to seperate the difference in my opinion.. Any fan of ACDC or any fan of great live music should deffinately go see these guys in action! Looking forward to seeing you guys again next time your on the south coast, Hopefully in the near future..
thanks Again


Hey Glen

Thanks for your letter & yes we intend on breaking into the Woongong & Sydney circut so keep an eye out for us.

Any Skeptical punters who havn't seen ACCA DACCA yet take heed of Glen's words

Hi Larry (and the rest of the gang), 

Well it may be a bit late but I just wanted to say what a blast it was to see you guys at the Nats again this year.  You promised me the show was going to be better and boy were you right. You really kicked arse this year. The way you work the crowd is fantastic. The energy you guys put into the show is fantastic.

 Mind you I was getting a bit concerned when after a few songs they started chanting "Thunderstruck".  You guys dead set rock and it just makes the night one hell of a party when you get out there and do your stuff.  It makes my job a bit easier too as (drunk) people are easier to deal with when everyone is in a good mood (especially me).

The changes you have made in terms of what you do in the show really stood out this year compared to last year. Like I said the energy this year was just unbelievable. For me I think the best part of the show is seeing how much fun you all have.

The whole group just seemed to be putting in 110% this year and you just sounded great. My mates and I still cannot believe how well you (Larry) go from a Bon Scott era song and then into a Brian Johnson era song. Unbelievable. 

On a personal note it was great to meet all of you this year and my hat is of to Matt for hanging back and having a good chin wag with me even after the nights entertainment had finished. I was happy to hear you say that you got to the arena with minimal trouble compared to last year.

I think it is important for the organisers to ensure this happens again for the next summernats. If they do not hire you again then they have rocks in their heads. If you do come back to Nats it will be one of the reasons I will work there again.  Seeing you guys play it what makes it all worthwhile for me. I am in awe of you all.

Rock on guys. I hope to catch you in April when you come to the Hellenic club. Might be hard with easter and school holidays but I'm working on it.
Carl de Vries

Thanks Carl mate it was good to see you out there again this year and we really appreciate the great feedback you have given us. We always do our best to stay true to the original tunes and keep the diehard fans happy. We hope to be at the Nats again when they roll around, if not we will see you at the Hellenic Club mate!

Cheers, Larry & the Boys.

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Hi One and All,

I wanted to drop you an e-mail to thank you from the bottom of my
heart for your awesome performance on Saturday 8/10/05 @ "The Twisted Arm"

I was misfortunate in the early days and never got to see AC/DC live
so you could say I was like a screaming school girl on Saturday. I
have been a huge fan of AC/DC since I was 15 and was amazed at how
much you guys looked, sounded and performed like the real macoy.

Once again keep up the great work guys as AC/DC will never die or be
forgotten especially with your band.

If possible can you please forward gig dates when you will be playing
in the area of Brisbane as I have many friends that would love to see
you guys perform as I have done nothing but rave about your performance.

Your new fan

Renee West

Thanks so much Renee we are glad you had a great time! And we really appreciate your feedback on our show, just as we appreciate anyone who takes the time to write us. Keep an eye out on our gig guide for when we are playing around Brissie and surrounding areas... We will be back up at Caboolture on 31/12/2005.

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