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Below letter from Paul Hudson Chief Executive Officer Quicksilver Indonesia

Hi Larry,
 Just return to Indo from the USA. I actually flew to USA the day after the Bali gig so haven’t had a chance to put an email together to thank you guys for such an awesome gig !

It was no doubt the biggest gig Bali has had and from what I hear the bar takings that night at HRC Bali was an all time record !

So please give my thanks to the boys and hope to do it all again some day.

Best regards,


Here’s what the boss of The Hard Rock Cafés in Indonesia had to say after seeing

Acca Dacca.....

"Fuckin' AWESOME! What an extraordinary show! If you never gonna see AC/DC in your life, then DON'T MISS THIS ONE"

Indonesia Hard Rock Cafe Country Manager, Paulus Panggabean

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"Two hours ++ of solid-pace less- high intensity concert with an eye popping show and ear ringing post concert after effect"
Hard Rock Bali

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Bali, Saturday, November 7: The Quiksilver Open 2009 After party at the Hard Rock Café kicked off with a bang last Saturday night with the performance of special guests ACCA DACCA – the Internationally acclaimed AC/DC tribute band.
After successfully having rocked the Hard Rock Café Jakarta earlier in the week, the band led by Larry Attard, brought down the house at the Hard Rock Café Bali. “The venue was jam-packed with people anxious to hear ACCA DACCA rock out ! These guys are as good as the real thing !! The crowd loved them ! ” commented Michael Hirsiger, Quiksilver Marketing Executive.
Performing classics like “Highway to Hell” and most appropriately, “Back in Black”, ACCA DACCA performed into the early morning as the crowd simply couldn’t get enough ! The highlight of the night was ISC Champ Lee Wilson crowd surfing to his favorite song “Thunderstruck”.  Jake Paterson, Quiksilver Sports Marketing Manager, was clearly impressed...

“ This has definitely been the greatest show I’ve ever seen in Bali !! ”

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Hard Rock Bali Jakarta

We Salute You!‏

Larry Buddy!,

Hell yeah! You guys did it man,...I've been tellin' people this is the most wicked, amazing, hardrockin show i have seen this year!

We like to thank all the Boys for giving us the greatest performance and the best show this year!!! It truly tuned Hard Rock Bali upside down.

I hope you boys have enjoyed your trip tooo, both Jakarta & Bali.

Thanks for coming down...will c u next time!!!

Rock & Roll!,



Our pleasure Ten, We'll be back


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This one was sent by Ten MARKETINGl Manager HARD ROCK BALI yo our sound engineer SAM FIGALLO "EAST COAST CONCERT PRODUCTIONS"

Hell yeah Sammy did a great job


Hi Sam,

It was trully the best hard rockin', high voltage, high energy concert Hard Rock Cafe Bali have seen this year. And youre responsible for that Sam.Thanks for the great work. Well done my friend.



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Story by Angus Green - “Macleay Argus”

You would been Thunderstruck deaf but happy, after hearing AC/DC tribute band ACCA/DACCA use high voltage and even higher volume to pay homage to the greatest rock band Australia has ever seen. Five musicians with amazing talent, who took remarkably like the real thing, burst onto the stage into the auditorium at South West Rocks Country Club in front of a crowd there for one thing loud music and memories.

The young guns were left for dead and the baby- boomers hit the dance floor and rocked, moshed and chanted the classics as the boys on stage hammered out their play list from the Bon Scott years, right through to the more gravelly Brian Johnson era.

Those about to rock were saluted again and again by the lads on stage, Angus Young (Matt Rath), Bon Scott (Larry Attard) backed up by drummer Phil Rudd (Damon Joel), guitarist Malcolm Young (Mick Bristow), and bassist Shane Fluery played their list to perfection.

Instead if you shut your eyes and just listened to the music exploding from their instruments, you could swear you were hearing AC/DC in front of a 200,000- strong crowd. While the size of the auditorium limited the crowd, a steady stream of rock fans flowed through the doors, not wanting to miss any part of the memorable show. It is little wonder AC/DC sales have increased since the boys hit the road as ACCA/DACCA in 2000.

The quality of the music pumping out of the Marshall speakers inside the club was fitting testament to the committed and respect ACCA/DACCA has for the original AC/DC. Larry Attard’s narrative falsetto mimicked Bon’s rasp effortlessly, as you cannot have an AC/DC tribute and sing like Tom Jones. Larry’s voice and Matt’s guitar combines to take where long unruly hair, groupies and road trips dominated the rock culture.

The younger fans were not forgotten though, while a blistering rendition of Thunderstruck finishing the night off after cries of ‘one more song ‘pounded throughout the club. Dozens of people without tickets sat near the door of the auditorium, just to feel the music, however they were not disappointed as the volume went up and up.

After the show the band chilled out over a couple of quiet beers, and mingled with the locals. The mere mortals treated the lads like royalty, and were respected in return, the quality of there music skills and detail to which they adhere to the style to the original AC/DC band was effective in creating the echo of the Australian gods of rock AC/DC were.

The tribute was more than just five musicians playing loud covers of AC/DC tracks it was a tribute to a band that helped define the rock culture. These guys are a must see next time they hit the valley, as the ACCA/DACCA - AC/DC Tribute show injected the South West Rocks Country Club with a dose of molten heavy metal rock. The five members live the rock life, love the rock music and lift the rock name to a new level.

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Summernats 2005

a photo courtesy of Street Machine magazine featuring Wangus and Larry on stage.

"You know all the songs even if you don't realise it. From the early Bon Scott years to the current line-up, the crowd chanted along as ACCA/DACCA blasted out the AC/DC sounds. Lead guitarist Wayne Brown carried off the Angus impersonation perfectly, the uniform, the striptease and most importantly the trademark guitar riffs - everything was there.

Backing it up, as good a sound you'd hope to hear from the lads themselves, though in a flat cap, lead singer Larry Attard looks more like Brian Johnson despite sounding like Bon. With all-time classics like The Jack and Let There Be Rock in the armoury, ACCA/DACCA was onto an instant winner with the Summernats crowd and the front few rows responded with an hour-long aerobics class of moshing and crowd surfing.

Justin Law - Street Machine Magazine 2005 They didn't shake us all night long, sadly, as there were other acts on the line-up, but ACCA/DACCA rocked the audience, including those far too young to remember the real deal first time around, and lived up to their billing as the greatest tribute to AC/DC."

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20 / 11 / 2004

Acca/Dacca's tribute performance to Aussie rock legends AC/DC was one out of the box. Saturday nights show at the Loaded Hog attracted a full house and as far as imitating the masters these guys have got it sorted.

Larry Attard adapted well between AC/DC's two era's with the distinctive Bon Scott whine and Brian Johnson's tuneful screaming both mastered. The early Scott sound was done to perfection, Jail Break, Live Wire and Whole Lot of Rosie sounded just like the real thing.

They sang a great variety of songs with something for all AC/DC fans whether you're in to the old or more recent sound. Johnson fans would have gone home very satisfied as the band striped Back in Black of all its big hits including You Shook Me All Night Long which went down a treat alongside Thunderstruck from The Razors Edge.

With the great songs the band entertained with all the distinctive characteristics AC/DC are famous for. Wayne Brown, (Angus) stripped to his schoolboy shorts, played guitar on the bar, and traveled the bar on the shoulders of Attard, who was seen waving the Bon Scott trademark bourbon bottle throughout the show.
The audience was rapt, so much so that when the band announced their final song for the night Acca/Dacca and encore chants were echoing before the song grunted in to life.

For the diehards among us the highlight among all the big hits was an old classic, Sin City that Attard mastered to perfection. A fantastic song that even the young one's appreciated. The hype was justified, the performance was as close as you could get to the real thing.

By Gareth Williams
New Zealand Herald


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